Saand Ki Aankh Producer director Nidhi Parmar Hiranandani donates 42 litres of Breastmilk

breast milk donation is not very popular in India but Nidhi Parmar Hiranandani has contributed to a noble initiative which is rightfully being praised in Soscial media .

Breastmilk donation can also be helpful for moms who find it difficult to lactate or express milk. Parents who adopt babies, or make use of a surrogate also find this option helpful.

Nidhi who directed ‘Saand Ki Aankh’ gave birth to her baby boy, Veer in February 2020.

While she was enjoying nursing her baby, she did face a problem a lot of women face in the initial months of motherhood- an excess supply of breastmilk.

Since she started storing it and later her freezer was full of breastmilk, so she had the option of throwing it or to use it more wisely.

After approaching her friends and the internet for help, she realized that breast milk donation was the best thing to do to utilize her feed and help other babies.

In an interview to BetterIndia, Nidhi, 41 told :

“After nursing my child, I realised that I still had a lot of milk leftover. I had read on the internet that breast milk does have a shelf life of three to four months if properly stored in a refrigerator,”

Nidhi also said that she knew of some other lucrative uses, including jewellery making and face packs:

“The internet suggested making face packs out of it. Some of my friends said they bathe their babies with it or even use it to scrub their feet. Since I thought this was a cruel waste of milk, and I did not want to give it to salons (laughs), I began researching breast milk donation,”

Nidhi got in touch with a breastmilk bank set up at a hospital in Mumbai, which was in need of breastmilk donation in the lockdown. Talking of the noble act, Nidhi said that she went on to donate more than 40 litres of milk for babies in need!

“I contacted my gynaecologist at Women’s Hospital, Bandra, who suggested I donate the milk to Surya Hospital. Up until that point, I had about 20 packets of 150 ml each in my fridge, but the thought of getting out to donate during the lockdown was concerning, for I now had a baby at home.”

According to doctors, Nidhi’s breastmilk donation was able to help a lot of babies who survive on exclusive breastfeed, or are being taken care of in the NICU.

Breastmilk donation is a very helpful thing which can help care for premature babies, moms with health conditions who may find it difficult to lactate.

Since most lactating moms are eligible for donation, it can help save many lives in need. Expressed breastmilk from other moms is especially helpful for babies with medical conditions, who have metabolic absorption problems. Moms who have a low milk supply can also benefit from the noble cause.

There are over 10 operational mother’s milk banks present in india

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