Secret Invasion Budget: Plot, Release date, Cast, Streaming Options

Secret Invasion ( Kyle Bradstreet)

Secret Invasion is an upcoming television miniseries which is created by Kyle Bradstreet. It is based on the Secret Invasion by Brian Michael Bendis and Leinil Francis Yu. Secret Invasion is directed by Ali Selim, and starring Samuel L. Jackson, Ben Mendelsohn, Cobie Smulders, Kingsley Ben- Adir, Emilia Clarke, Olivia Colman, Don Cheadle, and Martin Freeman.

Secret Invasion Budget

The genre of this series is Action- adventure, Spy thriller, and Superhero. Its production company is Marvel Studios.

Secret Invasion Plot

In this series, Nick Fury uncovers a plot for a group of shapeshifting Skrulls to infiltrate Earth in positions of power over the world, recruiting Everett K. Ross, Maria Hill and Talos to stop it and save humanity.

Secret Invasion Budget

Secret Invasion director didn’t reveal anything about the budget of this series. We hope to get some information about it in the future and share that with you.

Secret Invasion Release Date

Secret Invasion is going to release in June 21, 2023. Secret Invasion will consist of a total of six episodes

Secret Invasion Streaming Options

Secret Invasion is a Disney+ Original series that will be available for streaming only on the Disney+ platform. You cannot legally watch Secret Invasion on any other streaming platform. However, third-party streaming sites such as StreamM4u may allow yo

Secret Invasion Cast

Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury

Secret Invasion

The former director of S.H.I.E.L.D who had been working with the Skrulls in deep space for years before returning to Earth. Fury has been in deep space for so long after the death of his allies in Avengers: Endgame (2019) because he is “worn out” and unsure of “his place in the world”.

Samuel said that the series would delve deeper into Fury’s past and future and allow him to “explore something other than Nick Fury’s badass”. Executive producer Jonathan Schwartz added to this, noting that “the sins of his past begin to haunt him once again” due to the cost and effects of the things he’s had to do to protect Earth in the past.

Ben Mendelsohn as Talos

He is the Leader of a Skrull sect and ally of Fury.

Cobie Smulders as Maria Hill

A former high-ranking S.H.I.E.L.D. agent who works closely with Fury but has been out of touch with him. Secret Invasion allowed Smulders to show more depth to Hill than in her previous appearances.

Kingsley Ben-Adir as Gravik

Leader of a group of rebel Skrulls who have broken away from Talos’ faction, believing that the best way to help their kind is to infiltrate Earth for the resources they need. They set up their operation in a decommissioned radioactive site in Russia.

Emilia Clarke as G’iah

Talos’ daughter. Clarke described Gia as having “kind of a punk spirit”, adding that being “a refugee kid” has “toughened her”. Also, he has a grudge against Fury because he has not been able to keep the promises, he made to find the Skrulls a new home. G’iah was previously portrayed as a child in the MCU film Captain Marvel (2019) by Auden L’Ouffles and Harriet L’Ouffles.

Olivia Colman as Sonya Falsworth

A high-ranking MI6 agent who is an old associate of Fury’s, looking to protect England’s national security interests during the infiltration. Described as “more of an antagonistic presence” in the series, Schwartz stated that she can either work with or against Fury depending on her desired goals.

Don Cheadle as James “Rhodey” Rhodes

An officer in the US Air Force and an Avenger who operates the War Machine armor. Jackson described Rhodes as “a political animal and not a man with a special suit” in the series, with Rhodes serving as the President’s “right-hand man”; This forces him to make “lots of decisions-some bad, some good”.

Martin Freeman as Everett K. Ross

He is a former agent of the Central Intelligence Agency.

Also, Dermot Mulroney, Killian Scott, Christopher McDonald, Carmen Ejogo, Charlayne Woodard, Samuel Adewunmi, and Katie Finneran have been casted.

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