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Sonu Sood and Shraddha Kapoor titled as the hottest vegetarians in 2020 by PETA

Every year PETA releases two names to confer them with the title of the hottest vegetarians. This year it is Sonu Sood and Shraddha Kapoor who have been called the hottest vegetarians. Both the actors stay away from meat and make sure that they lead a healthy lifestyle by sticking to their vegetarian food.

Sonu Sood in the LAST 6 Months has won the nation’s heart with his work amidst the pandemic. But few know that since the actor had also appealed to a big food-chain to have vegan burgers added to their list. He really believed it was high time that the chain has a vegan option too to its list. He had also rescued an injured pigeon while playing cricket with his son. Well, with such noble acts and thoughts for animals, he is truly the hottest vegetarian in town.

Shraddha Kapoor has given up meat for some time. The actress has made sure she sticks to her veg diet and no wonder the actress has been picked by the welfare to top their coveted list. Now that’s really cool of our celebrities to always inspire people and also lead a healthy lifestyle and motivate others too.

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