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Sonu Sood Wife Sonali Sood love affair full story

Sonu Sood has struggled really hard to fit into each and every character he has played be it a mainstay villain, a stand-up comedian or a die-hard romantic person;. He has established his name in the industry, he has also carved out a corner in his life for some love and romance. Yes, before he struck big as an actor, he has dated and married a Telugu girl named Sonali.

Sonu Sood married Sonali on September 25, 1996. Today, 23 years later both of them have a loving relationship. Sonu Sood also has two sons. The special thing is that Sonali is not from the Bollywood industry. Perhaps this is the reason why they do not have to take anything special from Lime Light. It is said that Sonu had met Sonali during her college time. Sonu is from a Punjabi family while his wife Sonali belongs to the Telugu family.

According to media reports, Sonu met Sonali when she was studying engineering. Talking about his personal life, he tells about Sonali in an interview. He had told Sonali how he helped them at every step. During the Struggling Period in Mumbai, he had to live in a flat in which three more people lived. After marriage, Sonali happily stayed in a room with Sonu and never complained. Really love it!

Talk to Sonu after becoming an engineer, Sonu also started modeling and competing in the Mr. India contest. Sonu started the acting career with the 1999 Tamil film ‘Kollazagar’. He also played many memorable characters in Bollywood films, but he won the hearts of everyone with the character of Chhedi Lal in Salman Khan’s movie ‘Dabang’. These days, he is shooting several big budget South Indian films.

In fact, she is a lesser-known wife who does not fancy the media attention and stands by actor Sonu in his journey towards stardom and marital life. Today, they are one such couple who have always kept their personal life away from the public eye. Let’s meet the doting partners.

Sonu Sood met Sonali during his engineering days in Nagpur and the couple began dating. Sonali too was a college-goer and was in Nagpur for an MBA degree. So, meeting Sonali in Nagpur was something that was destined in his life.

Actor and model Sonu Sood was fortunate enough to end up marrying the person whom he first fell in love with. According to the sources, Sonu fell in love at a fairly young age and since then Sonali is the only woman in his life. It must be really a wonderful experience for him to have the same person through every stage of his life. Isn’t it?

Following their not-much-talked-about courtship, the couple exchanged the marital vows. So way before entering films and modelling, Sonu was already a married man. The couple has two sons Ishant and Ayaan and the celebrity kids are away from the limelight just like their parents.

Caring, loving and doting husband, Sonu Sood has some cute compliments for his dearest wife. “Sonali is matured and intelligent and initially, she was not happy when I wanted to be an actor, but today, she’s proud of me.”He confessed to one of the media house.

Sonu also got nostalgic thinking about his hard times when he moved into a 1BHK flat in Mumbai with her as a struggler. He shared that she never complained about his status and supported him during tough times. As per him, she is the one who has laid the foundation stones for his film career and success.

For the lovely couple, marriage was much more than simply staying together. Both played an important role as a spouse to lift each other during hard times. Sonali married Sonu when he was not a celebrity and was facing a difficult period. And even when Sonu reached the zenith of success, she never took an air about it and maintained her humble self.

Sonu Sood has never revealed about his romantic or emotional connection with his wife to media. Though Sonali accompanies her star husband to parties and events, she has always masked her privacy. So, the way in which they both support each other is a big difference in their day to day life. Sonu’s stardom hasn’t changed their personal bond in any way.