Sophie Lowe Net Worth (June, 2023): Earnings, Age, Height, Boyfriend

Sophie Lowe Net Worth: $5 million

Sophie Lowe net worth is around $5 million in 2023.

Sophie Lowe Net Worth
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Sophie Lowe is a famous actress, singer and a song-writer who was born on 5th June 1990 in a city in Yorkshire, England and moved to Australia with her family to settle down in 2000. This famous English born Australian actress is known for acting in films like Beautiful Kate, Autumn Blood, After the Dark and many more.

In addition, she has engaged herself acting in TV series like Backyard Science, All Saints, Romper Stomper, etc. She not only gained love and fame from her films and songs but also attracted her audience love and attention towards her.

Besides this, she is one of the most paid actresses across her nation where her audience eagerly waits for her upcoming works. She has gained wide popularity from her film Beautiful Kate.

This brilliant actress, singer and song-writer earns her primary source of income comes from acting in television series and films. Apart from this, she also earns money from her music videos and songs.

What is Sophie Lowe net worth?

Sophie Lowe Net Worth
image credit: sophie lowe instagram

Sophie Lowe net worth is around $5 million in 2023.


Sophie Lowe lives a lavish life in Australia with her family since 2000. It is said that Lowe left her school after being casted in Beautiful Kate which earned her fame and name in the industry and in the heart of her audience.

Her mother name is Anne Lowe and her father name is Lan Lowe. Although Lowe is not interested to showcase her lavish life in front of the media but it has been estimated that she lives in a lavish house with all the valuable things.


Sophie Lowe was born on 5th June 1990 in a city in Yorkshire, England. Later on, she moved to Australia with her family and builds her career there. Sophie developed her interest in acting at the age of 10.

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In addition, she appeared in a grade school musical production when she was 16 years old. This multi-talented girl has already learned acting and singing by 16 years old. She did not stop here and started modeling in her teenager life and signed to Chawdick Models.

Lowe stopped modeling and made her passion in dancing. She concentrated on her dancing which led her attending the McDonald School of Performing Arts in Sydney, Australia.

After attending the McDonald School of Performing Arts, she thought of pursuing her career in acting seriously. She consistently worked hard in TV Series, films and music videos.

Finally, she made her place in the heart of the audience and gained wide popularity and fame. Prior to graduating from college, she appeared in short films and made her successful path in acting.


Sophie Lowe is 5 feet 6 inches and her weight is 59 kgs. She has beautiful blue colour eyes and has beautiful straight light brown hair colour. She has a perfect slim body and her body measurements are35-25-35 inches. Her waist-hip size is 25-35 inches. It has been estimated that her dress size is 6(US).


Sophie Lowe didn’t gain much popularity in the beginning and acted in short films like Kindle, Mirage and He. She was featured in some films like Beautiful Kate, Blessed, Road Train, The Clinic, Blame and many more.

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She also showed her skills in some television series like Backyard Science, The Slap, Once Upon A Time in Wonderland and many more.

Lowe is also a writer who co-write and co-directed and starred in the short film A Man Walks Into a Bar with Rhys Wakefield. Together, they had also worked in After the Dark  in the same year. It see, they can together work wonderfully on a project. 

She was also starred as Alice in Once Upon a time in wonderland butr the season didn’t take out its 2nd season.

Besides this, Lowe is also a singer and song-writes who writes as well as sings beautiful songs. In the same year that is 2013, she released a five song EP via Bandcamp.

She has also performed in music videos like Dreaming which was directed by actress and After the Dark co-star Bonnie Wright but Lowe left the SOLO name and wanted to be recognized under her name. So, she left the SOLO group. In addition, she released her second EO2 with 7 songs.

In an interview, Lowe told that she dedicates her time both in acting and music and try to contribute her time in both of these fields.

She said that acting is her life and she cannot live without it which means that she has not fully dedicated her career to only music. Lowe was also featured in The Beautiful Lie. She was also starred in short films like Moth, Deluge, Love Yourself and many  more to count.


Officially, Sophie has not disclosed anything about her personal relationships and stuffs like that.

image credit: sophie lowe instagram

She likes to keep her things personal and has not disclosed anything in front of the media and is stated as single. Rumours tell that recently she is dating John-Henry Pajak


In 2011, she had first time won Equity Ensemble Awards for The Slap. In addition, she has been nominated best lead actress in AFI Award for Beautiful Kate and was also nominated for her singing skills in Screen Best Music Award. She was nominated for A Runner (from Road Skill) for Screen Best Music Award. She has given her best performance in her acting and music career.

Lowe says that Everything happens for a reason…say if I don’t get a role, it may be that it would have stopped me from getting one.


  • Sophie Lowe is 29 years old.
  • Her birth sign is Gemini.
  • She has 17.4K followers and 28.6K followers.
  • Her home town is Sheffield, United Kingdom.
  • Her ethnicity is British.
  • She is famous for Beautiful Kate.
  • She has been graduated from The McDonald College.