Steven Spielberg Net Worth (May, 2023): House, Age, height, Children Biography

Steven Spielberg Net Worth: $7.5 Billion (approx.)

Net Worth:$7.5 Billion (approx.)
Salary:$150 Million (approx.)
Date of Birth:Dec 18, 1946
Age:76 years
Height:5 ft 7 in (1.715 m)
Profession:Film Producer, Film director, Screenwriter, Entrepreneur, Television producer, Actor, Film Editor, Television Director, Businessperson
Nationality:United States of America

Steven Spielberg Net Worth is $7.5 Billion dollars.

Steven Spielberg Net Worth

Thia man from a small town who has totally revolutionized the art of Cinema. He had once said “Chase excellence, success will follow”.

His excellence in his art of Film Making is very pure and remarkable . He is also considered as one of the highest paid directors in Hollywood Cinema.

He is none other than Mr. Steven Spielberg, also known as “Steve” by his friends and colleagues.

An extraordinary story teller and a masterpiece icon of Direction – Steven Spielberg is the most successful Director across the globe.

In this article , we will discuss about Mr. Steven Spielberg’s profession, bio, movies, earning, wealth and his net worth. Steven Spielberg is a Film Director, Film Producer, screenwriter and a Film Editor who revolutionsied the Cinema in last 40 years . He is said to be the actor’s director which takes the best of them and is one of the most successful Film maker across the globe.

He is among the highest paid Directors, which also makes him the richest director in terms of net worth.

What is Steven Spielberg Net Worth?

Steven Spielberg net worth is estimated to be $7.5 Billion.

The majority of income comes from earnings from movies which includes Film Direction fees, Film Production income,scriptwriting, also from his personal investment.

How much is Steven Spielberg worth?

Steven Spielberg worth is estimated to be $7.5 Billion.

How much Steven Spielberg earns every year?

For his own films, Steven frequently goes for a relatively low upfront salary, $10 million, in exchange for backend points on the gross revenue. One such deal for 1993’s “Jurassic Park”, resulted in a $250 million salary for Steven.

That’s the same as roughly $360 million in today’s dollars. He earned at least $150 million from the sequel and $75 million from the third installment, which he did not even direct.

He famously refused to accept a salary for “Schindler’s List”, calling any money earned “blood money”.

He instead directed all proceeds owed to him in perpetuity be used to fund the USC Shoah Foundation in 1994 which honors and remembers Holocaust survivors.

Universal Parks/Comcast Deal:

Steven was able to negotiate Jurassic Park deal in 1993 with the film’s studio, Universal Pictures. Actually, the deal was with Universal’s parent MCA. In the early 1990s, MCA was flat broke and Spielberg’s contract was up for renewal.

Steven Spielberg Net Worth
(Photo by Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images for LACMA)

Warner Brothers made a generous offer that was almost impossible to match in terms of cash, so MCA had to get creative. In the end Spielberg successfully negotiated a deal that entitled him to 2% of all Universal park GROSS ticket sales, annually in perpetuity.

egal filings showed that Steven loaned Dreamworks $15 million to help keep the studio afloat. A footnote in the lawsuit detailed Spielberg’s 2% Universal deal amounted to $30 million per year, in recent years. The payments are called “consulting fees”.

Fast forward to 2015. By this point Universal was owned by the publicly-traded Comcast. Also by this point, Universal operated multiple theme parks around the world, all of which paid Steven a cut of ticket sales.

As part of an Securities filings on business risks and upcoming costs, Comcast was forced to disclose that in 2017 it could owe Spielberg as much as $535 million due to a buyout clause in the contract. When 2017 came around, Spielberg did not activate the buyout clause. Instead, Comcast and Spielberg agreed to a new deal in which Comcast took an ownership interest in his film studio, Amblin Partners in a deal that could ultimately pay over $1 billion.

Star Wars Bet: Back in the late 1970s during the production of what would become “Star Wars”, writer/director/creator George Lucas was convinced that his passion project would be an enormous bomb. At the same time Spielberg was filming what would become “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”. In a moment of particular weakness and desperation, Lucas asked Spielberg if he would trade backend points on their respective films. As Spielberg would later recount:

Spielberg accepted. And while Close Encounters was a big hit, earning more than $300 million globally, Star Wars would eventually go on to earn billions. In the process, Steven made (and still makes to this day) a small fortune from a movie he had nothing to do with at all.Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

“He said, ‘You want to trade some points? I’ll give you two and a half per cent of Star Wars if you give me two and a half per cent of Close Encounters.’ I said, ‘Sure, I’ll gamble with that, great.'”

Steven Spielberg House:

Steven Spielberg Resides in Los Angeles. Spielberg bought a Luxury Home in the year 1998. Estimated value of this real estate property is around 37 Million USD.

Steven and Kate own at least $200 million worth of real estate. For many years they owned a 1.4-acre slice of Malibu’s most-coveted beachfront.

They bought the first of the parcels that became their final property, back in 1989 for $3.375 million. They expanded their footprint in 2002, purchasing the lot next door for $3.2 million. They sold the property, which has 150 feet of ocean frontage, in 2015 for $26 million.

Their longtime primary residence, which they still own today, is an incredible 5-acre multi-home compound in the Pacific Palisades. Not far from their home, they also own an equestrian facility.

On the east coast they own a 6,000 square-foot New York City apartment that directly overlooks Central Park West.

Out in East Hampton, they own a 10-acre estate that is partially oceanfront and partially on a cove. The Spielberg compound encompasses 7.5 acres.

In 2013, a nearby 5.5 acre property was put on the market for $75 million by a woman named Courtney Ross. Courtney is the widow of Steve Ross, the one-time Chairman of Warner Communications and longtime mentor of, Steven Spielberg.

Courtney sold her property for $50 million after a year on the market, perhaps not coincidentally, to Spielberg’s Dreamworks co-founder David Geffen.

Geffen sold the estate two years later for $67 million. Again, the Spielberg-Capshaw property is at least two acres larger than the former Ross/Geffen property.

The Spielbergs own several other Hamptons properties and a home in Naples, Florida. Steven has also financed several homes for his children around Los Angeles.

Steven Spielberg Car collections:

The Car collection of Steven Spielberg is quite large. He owns few of the best luxury cars in the world. The Car brands owned by Steven Spielberg include Porsche, Hummer, Rolls Royse, Mercedes S-Class, Bentley, Range Rover. He also owns Chrysler 300 C, Tesla Model s, Aston Martin DB9 Volante.

Steven Spielberg income:

The average movie remuneration which is included in his net worth is as follows:

Estimated net Worth7.5 Billion USD
Average Movie Salary 150 Million USD
Annual Income456 Million USD

Steve Spielberg is one of the most popular Director, producer and film maker in Hollywood and his work had been appreciated all over the globe and has been honoured with various International Awards.

Reportedly, he has also invested in multiple real-estate properties and also has a huge personal Investment. Thus, we can be very positive that the net worth of Steven Spielberg will keep on growing through the years.

Steven Spielberg Biography:

Steven Spielberg was born on December 18th 1946, in Cincinnati, Ohio. His mother Leah Adherer was a concert pianist and his father Arnold Spielberg was an electrical engineer involved in the development of computers.

Steven Spielberg Biography
American film director Steven Spielberg with director and producer George Lucas (Photo by Frank Edwards/Fotos International/Getty Images)

Steven’s childhood was spent in Haddon Heights, New Jersey and Scottsdale, Arizona. It was in Scottsdale, as a teenager, where a young Spielberg would create 8mm short films. At age 12, he made his first movie when he filmed a train wreck involving his toy Lionel trains.

Even back then, Spielberg had the gall to charge 25 cents for the local kids to come and watch his many epics. At the age of 13, Spielberg won an award for his 40-minute film about war called “Escape to Nowhere”.

At the age of sixteen he made his first feature-length film, “Firelight”, which he played at his local cinema. It was a Sci-fi film which would later go on to inspire the classic “Close Encounters of the third kind”. Unfortunately, his parents eventually divorced and he moved with his father to Saratoga, California where Steven attended and graduated from Saratoga high school.

After graduation he applied to the University of Southern California School of Theater, Film, and Television but was rejected three times. Instead he attended California State University, Long Beach, where he became part of the Theta Chi Fraternity.

Steven Spielberg Movies Career:

His first professional TV job hapened when he was hired to direct one of the segments for the 1969 pilot episode of Night Gallery, written by Rod Serling and would star Joan Crawford.

 His career did not begin until he worked at Universal Studios as an unpaid intern for the editing department. It was during this time that Spielberg directed a twenty-four-minute short film, “Amblin” (a name that he would eventually carry to his production company) which caught the eye of Sidney Shainberg who was the vice president of production for Universal’s television division.

Spielberg became the youngest director to ever sign a long-term contract with a major studio. He dropped out of college for the opportunity (but later returned in 2002 to complete his BA degree in Film and Electronic Arts.

During his time as a television director he directed episodes of Rod Sterling’s Night Gallery, Columbo, and Marcus Welby M.D. These ventures were so successful that he was signed on to shoot four made-for-television films.

The first of which was the 1971 classic “Duel”. Duel was such a success that he was offered the job of directing the theatrical feature film “The Sugarland Express”. The film was met with a lot of positive feedback.

In 1975 Jaws became the first real blockbuster film after majority Americans went to see it. At that time, he rejected offers to make Jaws 2, King Kong, and Superman.

Instead, Steven followed Jaws up with “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” starring Richard Dreyfus (who Spielberg considers his alter ego).

In 1981 he teamed up with long time friend and fellow filmmaker George Lucas to create Raiders of the Lost Ark, the first installment in the Indiana Jones series, which was an even bigger hit.

A year later, Spielberg went back to the science fiction genre when he directed E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, a film about a young boy and the friendly alien he befriends. E.T. went on to become the top-grossing film of all time, and was nominated for nine Oscars.

Between 1982 and 1985, Spielberg produced three incredibly high grossing and acclaimed films: Poltergeist (he also co-wrote the screenplay), The Twilight Zone, and The Goonies, for which he also wrote the story the screenplay was based on and executive produced the film.

Next up, Spielberg directed the Raiders prequel Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, again teaming up with George Lucas and Harrison Ford.

This movie, along with the Spielberg-produced Gremlins, led to the creation of the PG-13 rating. The movie was a huge 1984 blockbuster. 1985 saw Spielberg’s release of an adaptation of Alice Walker’s Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, The Color Purple, starring Whoopi Goldberg and Oprah Winfrey.

The film helped catapult Spielberg into the dramatic genre, with Roger Ebert announcing it the best film of the year and later entering it into his Great Films archive. The movie was nominated for eleven Oscars. 

In 1987, Spielberg shot Empire of the Sun, the first American film in Shanghai since the 1930s. While it didn’t garner substantial box office wins, it was critically acclaimed and nominated for several Academy Awards.

After two forays into more serious dramatic films, Spielberg then directed the third Indiana Jones film, 1989’s Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

Steven’s career would continue to create more massive hits such as 1991’s Hook starring Robin Williams, AI Artificial Intelligence, Minority Report, and Jurassic Park, a legendary film that needs no introduction or explanation.

He also executive produced the entire Men in Black franchise. He continued his dramatic work throughout the 2010s with movies like War Horse, Bridge of Spies, Lincoln, and The Post.

In addition to the box office acclaim he has also seen critical acclaim and awards. Spielberg has won three Academy Awards, two of them for directing (1993’s Schindler’s List and 1998’s Saving Private Ryan, both of which are consistently found on lists of the greatest films of all time,) and one for Best Picture (Schindler’s List).

In 1985, Spielberg and his first wife actress Amy Irvine had their son Max Samuel Spielberg together. The couple would divorce in 1989 after 3 and a half years of marriage.

They cited competing stresses of their careers as a main cause of their falling out. Their divorce was reportedly the third most costly celebrity divorce in history at that time.

He got remarried on October 12, 1991 to actress Kate Capshaw, whom he had met when she was cast in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

Capshaw converted to Spielberg’s religion, Judaism. The two live in four different locations around the world (Pacific Palisades, Ca, New York City, Naples Florida, and the East Hamptons) with their seven children.

Steven Spielberg teamed with Star Wars creator and friend George Lucas on an action adventure film, Raiders of the Lost Ark, the first of the Indiana Jones films.In 1991, Spielberg directed Hook, about a middle-aged Peter Pan, played by Robin Williams, who returns to Neverland. Despite many rewrites and creative changes coupled with mixed reviews, the film proved popular with audiences, making over $300 million Steven Spielberg Net Worth worldwide.

In 1993, Steven Spielberg returned to the adventure genre with the film version of Michael Crichton’s novel Jurassic Park, about a theme park with genetically engineered dinosaurs.

Steven Spielberg 1998 theatrical release was the World War II film Saving Private Ryan, about a group of U.S. soldiers led by Capt. Miller (Tom Hanks) sent to bring home a paratrooper whose three older brothers were killed in the same twenty-four hours, June 5–6, of the Normandy landing.

The film was a huge box office success, grossing over $481 million worldwide and was the biggest film of the year at the North American box office.

In 2013, Steven Spielberg Net Worth purchased the 282-foot (70.7 m) mega-yacht Seven Seas for US$182 million. He has since put it up for sale and in the meantime has made it available for charter.

At US$1.2 million per month, it is one of the most expensive charters on the market. He has ordered a new 300-foot (90 m) yacht costing a reported US$250 million.

Steven Spielberg movies:

  • Munich
  • Transformers
  • Eagle eye
  • Men IN Black
  • Lincoln
  • Jurassic World
  • The Adventures of TinTin
  • The Shark is still working
  • The Legend of Zoro
  • I wanna hold your hand

Steven Spielberg Wife:

Steven Spielberg married the female lead of “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.” S Kate Capshaw. Steven Spielberg directed “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom” during 1984 and married her.

Capshaw decided to convert to Judaism before marrying director Steven Spielberg. There are 7 children in the Spielberg-Capshaw family now.

Steven Spielberg Childrens:

Steven Spielberg totally has 7 Kids. Of his seven children, 4 are biological (Max, age 21; Sasha, 16; Sawyer, 15; and Destry Allyn, 10), two were adopted (Theo, age 19; and Mikaela George, 11) and one is his stepchild (Jessica Capshaw, age 31, a daughter from Kate Capshaw’s prior marriage to Robert Capshaw).

Steven Spielberg Hobbies: 

Spielberg loves boating. He had purchased a mega-yacht (282 foot) called the Seven Seas in 2013. He paid $182 million dollars for it. He later put it up for sale and upgraded to a new 300-foot yacht that cost him a whopping $250 million dollars.

He’s also a collector of old film memorabilia. He owns a balsa Rosebud Sled from the set of Citizen Kane and Orson Welles’s own directorial copy of the script for 1938’s The War of the Worlds.

He purchases Academy Award statuettes being sold on the open market and donates them to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in order to keep them preserved and prevent commercial exploitation.

Spielberg also owns many works by American painter Normal Rockwell.

His own personal collection of 57 Rockwell paintings (along with fellow collector George Lucas’s own works) were displayed at the Smithsonian in an exhibition titled Telling Stories from July 2-January 2 2011.

Steven Spielberg Interesting facts:

  • He was never paid for his work on ‘Schindler’s List.’this movie was said to be the most expensive black and white film ever made. Spielberg didn’t take any payment for his work on this film; he stated that any money taken would be “blood money,” considering the Holocaust
  • He was rejected 2 times for the James Bond franchise. He also admitted that the rejection hadn’t stopped him from enjoying his all-time favorite Bond movies.
  • Steven Spielberg cast his dog in several of his movies. Spielberg’s cocker spaniel Elmer appeared in ‘The Sugarland Express,’ ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind,’ ‘1941’ and also in ‘Jaws.’

His quote taken from IMDb, “I don’t drink coffee. I’ve never had a cup of coffee in my entire life. That’s something you probably don’t know about me. I’ve hated the taste since I was a kid.”

Steven Spielberg was thrice denied entry into USC’s elite directing program due to his C-average. He was later admitted into the film program at California State University.

But he was later dropped out in 1968 to make a 22-minute film entitled Amblin. . In 2002, he was awarded a B.A. in film production by California State.

His first full-length movie had a profit of just one dollar.

Steven Spielberg lesser known facts:

When Spielberg was 16 years old, he wrote and created the sci-fi flick Firelight on a short budget of just $500. The cast included his high school friends, and he used his garage for the shooting location. The Admission fee was like $1 per person, but one guest must have paid double because Spielberg came out of the debut with a profit of just one dollar.

  • He suggested the PG-13 movie rating. Steven Speilberg was the first person to suggest/introduce PG-13 rating, which indicates that only individuals who are 13 years or above can be allowed the right to watch a movie. This happened because of the complaints made by parents over the PG ratings of movies like Poltergeist, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, etc. The first film distributed with a PG-13 rating was Red Dawn (1984).
  • Steven suffered from Dyslexia. he struggled for years with the undiagnosed learning disability. He was bullied during his school days because of his inability to read. Dyslexia

Steven Spielberg is NOT just another famous director who makes films with billions. There are many interesting things about him which you wouldn’t have known and which makes him unique.

From a little kid who suffered from a disorder, who was bullied by his classmates, and who earned an unbelievable profit from his first film, Spielberg now is one of the top directors in the world, and the World Cinema remembers him forever.

Disclaimer: The above information is sourced from various websites/ media reports. The website does not guarantee a 100% accuracy of the figures.