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Tenet movie Critics Reviews -Complicated is one WORD, Tenet is no Inception.

Tenet movie cast: John David Washington, Robert Pattinson, Kenneth Branagh, Elizabeth Debicki, Dimple Kapadia
Tenet movie director: Christopher Nolan
Tenet movie rating: Two stars

Hinustan times critics was not too impressed with the complexities. The highlighted commentaries are as below

The result is a film that is so underwhelming and so over-confusing that, more than once, more than one character, insists, “Don’t try to understand it.”

Tenet is no Inception.
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One of them even goes on to add, “Just feel it”, though even that is hard to do when the story (written by Nolan) is trotting out such an assembly line of ordinaries — the damsel in distress who is actually British so-and-so Lord’s daughter and looks every inch of it. the Russian oligarch from nowhere who, obviously, will turn out to have some “Plutonium 241” links and madman ambitions (Branagh, chewing as usual into the role); and a regular American/CIA bloke (Washington, lacking the charm to make it worthwhile) who will save the world with some “cowboy shit”.

From what exactly, is where Tenet (note the palindrome of the title) takes its biggest tumble, tying itself up in so many knots going forwards-backwards, backwards-forwards that it even has to mention “tying up of loose ends” more than once. From what a scientist (another pale and thin presence in the form of Clemence Poesy) pops up briefly to explain, in the future, a technology that “inverts the entropy of things”, a sort of “inverse radiation from nuclear fission”, has been invented. It has been turning up in the shape of bullets, for example, that are not fired but seized back, when you pull the trigger. Tenet’s conceit is that this, somehow (don’t ask how), makes the malevolent creature who is manipulating the past by coming back from the future more dangerous for humanity’s existence than “a nuclear disaster”

Tenet movie Critics Reviews as per the leading Newspapers is below

Critic reviewsIf the long-awaited sci-fi from the Inception director restarts the summer of cinema it will go down as his finest hour. But Tenet is far from his finest work.Full reviewCatherine Shoard
The GuardianOnce again seizing control of the medium, Nolan attempts to alter the fabric of reality, or at least blow the roof off the multiplexes. Big, bold, baffling and bonkers.Full reviewAlex Godfrey
EmpireIf anything can put movie junkies back in their multiplex seats — masked, of course, and safely distanced — this groundbreaker is the one to do it.Full reviewPeter Travers
Rolling StoneCinematic master of time manipulation Christopher Nolan has created the Rubik’s Cube of time travel movies: It’s mentally exhausting, and only the best of us will get all the pieces to line up.Full reviewTara McNamara
Common Sense Mediaa big, brashly beautiful, grandiosely enjoyable one that will provide succor to audiences long-starved for escapist spectacle on this beefy, made-for-Imax scale.Full reviewGuy Lodge
VarietyEven for the vaunted director of “Inception” and “Memento,” “Tenet” is heady stuff. Trying to understand the story can make you feel like you’re sitting on a stool in a dunce cap.Full reviewJohnny Oleksinski
New York PostJohn David Washington stars as an unnamed, uncreased C.I.A. agent in a spectacle full of scenes running backward and forward.Full reviewJessica Kiang
The NYTimesWhile it’s not perfect, this Christopher Nolan sci-fi puzzler deserves, at least, some tenet-ive consideration.Full reviewAdam Holz

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