The Ghosted Budget: Cast, Star Salary, Plot, Streaming options

The Ghosted Budget:

“Ghosted” will Premiere Globally on a Budget of $40 – $45 Million. Is it True?

As per resources, it can be said that “Ghosted” Movie, produced by Apple Studio and SkyDance Media is being ready to be released globally On Apple TV + on April 21,2023 on a budget of Just $40 Million. The Movie grossed $314.9 Million at the worldwide Box office.

The Ghosted

The Movie contains High profile Casts such as Anna De Armas who is well known for her nominations in Golden Globe is paid $2 to $5 Million for her Role. Not only her, but Chris Evans has also charged around $5 to $10 Million for his role in the Movie. Along with cast’s salaries, Movie budget also includes Costumes, Setup, Production and many more. As compared to other Hollywood spy movies, “Ghosted” has a quite Minimum Budget with such interesting plot. 

Moreover, Apple TV+ is recognized for its high-quality original Programming which can be a big support for the Movie. Their Service is available in Over 100 countries and can be watched through Apple TV app on iPhone, Macs, iPads smart TVs and so on.

The Ghosted:

Directed by Dexter Fletcher and written by Rhett Reese, Paul Wernick, Chris McKenna, and Erik Sommers “Ghosted” is an American Rom-Com Movie which consists of a lot of Adventure and thrill.

The movie is produced by Apple Studios and SkyDance Media. Recently, The Apple TV + has released its Trailer and After watching the trailer, a lot of buzz has been created among the movie enthusiasts. The film is scheduled to release on Apple Tv + On 21st April 2023.

“Ghosted” Movie trailer can be a promising start to what looks like an entertaining movie. The trailer is beautifully executed and captures the essence of a romantic Comedy with its interesting plot. One of the highlights of the trailer include is the use of Humour. This Somehow creates a perfect Environment for the movie. In the movie, we could also explore some mysterious elements which adds an intriguing twist to the story and keeps the audience guessing. The trailer also involves a series of sequences which seems quite interesting. 

The Perfect Chemistry Between Anna and Chris impressing their Fans

The Movie “Ghosted” stars Anna De Armas and Chris Evans as its lead characters. The chemistry between Anna and Chris creates a good mix of humour, romance, and Drama. The two characters hit it off immediately and we get a glimpse of their chemistry on screen which was really loved by their fans. The “Ghosted” trailer stars with a cute meet up between the two lead characters, Sadie (Anna De Armas) and Cole Riggan (Chris Evan).


This rom-Com Movie starring Anna and Chris will be doing their third collaboration after having starred in “Knives Out”- a Mystery whodunit film and “The Gray Man” (Netflix’s action-packed thriller). Since Evans and De Armas have proved to be capable in any genre therefore, their chemistry will surely bring their best work together.

Ghosted Star Cast:

Everything You should know about The Star Cast For the “Ghosted”

The Trailer of ‘Ghosted’ is finally out and Chris Evans and Ana De Armas has again joined forces in a new look which seems quite mysterious as well as thrilling, according to their Fans. As per early reports, Scarlett Johansson was the early choice for the role of Sadie in the movie but due to some scheduling issues, she was replaced by Anna De Armas. 

Along with the leads, the Movie consists of other high-profile casts such as Adrien Brody (who Plays the antagonist, Leveque), Tate Donovan, Marwan Kenzari, Tim Blake Nelson, Lizzie Broadway and Mustafa Shakir.

Ghosted Star Plot:

Let’s Know More About “Ghosted” Trailer and The Plot

In the trailer, we can see that Cole (Chris Evans) met with Sadie (Anna De Armas) in a parking lot where he asked her for coffee to which she agrees. The teaser also explains that Cole fell hard for Sadie and ended up being “Ghosted” as per his parents. However, after the successful date suddenly Sadie went out of contact without any explanation. To find her out Cole sets out to track her for the second Date and soon he learns that she lives in London and Went there.

After reaching London, Shockingly Cole Realized that Sadie is a CIA Agent and met her while He was being kidnapped by a Group of Gangsters. It also shows a series of life-threatening escapades After which Cole and Sadie are Swept away on an International Adventure to save the World from the Gangsters.