Timothee Chalamet Girlfriend (June, 2023): Dating History, Relationships, Ex Girlfriend

Timothee Chalamet Girlfriend:

Timothee Chalamet is a well-known name in Hollywood industry because of the acting skills of the actor. 28 years old Chalamet has never been into any serious as well as controversial stories in the industry because of his introverted nature and ambitious attitude towards his work. Recently, he is been dragged to the vicious circle of rumors because of the unofficial but talk of the town relationship with his rumored girlfriend. 

Timothee Chalamet Girlfriend

Yes, you have heard it right, it is being said that Timothee is romantically involved with this modal these days which also made Timothee a one of the most searched male celebrities, so do you want to know about his past and recent girlfriend then let us check it out without any delays.

Chalamet’s dating life is not as smooth as his professional life because he might be a husband material in his movie roles but he is not a perfect boyfriend material in his dating life and this is may be due to his issues related to relationships.

Timothee chalamet Girlfriend 2023: Lourdes Leon

At first, it was rumored but later 28 years old Timothee and Lourdes Leon, were openly related around six years ago. While enrolled at a comparable artistically inclined high school in New York City, the two became friends. In an interview with Vanity Fair when it was being asked about Timmy then Leon said, “I respect him a lot, we were a little item, My first boyfriend, or anything.” 

May be there is an evil side eye of haters on the couple which led an end of this beautiful love story. However, as every ending creates a beginning of a new journey, the same thing happened in this case, which opened the doors for his new girlfriend to enter in his life.

Timothee chalamet gf: Lily- Rose Depp

During 2018- 2019, Johnny Depp’s daughter Lily- Rose Depp was under the spotlight of the fans with Timothee Chalamet. It was a rumoured relationship between them and Chalamet’s fan posted a picture on his Instagram account where he was with Lili. Later they were spotted in many places which also includes Paris. 

Later may things be ruined between the couple which led them to broke up and move their ways apart from each other. Chiefly I said, Timothee’s dating life is not as smooth as his acting career, he never stopped looking for his love of his life and with this quest he moved on and tried hands with another one.

Timothee chalamet Previous Girlfriend: Eiza Gonzalez

It was a quite tough move for Timmy to move after having a breakup with Rose. However, shortly after his initial split with Lily-Rose Timmy went public with Eiza. At the end of June, the two stars were spotted on a holiday in Cabo San Lucas. Pictures of their passionate encounters quickly went viral online. This was not that controversial and was for a short span of time because much information about them together wasn’t available.

Timothee chalamet Girlfriend: Lily- Rose Depp

Chiefly, it might be considered as a tough move for Timmy to forget Rose as they spent a good time together. The rumours started to fly after Lily-Rose and Timothee noticed strolling together in NYC in April 2021. Although they often attempted to maintain much privacy nothing has ever been proven regarding the likelihood that these two were actually reunited at that point. 

Timothee chalamet Ex Girlfriend: Taylor Russel

In 2022, Timmy has posted a picture which led a spark of another love story of Timmy to his fans. This picture of Timmy was with Taylor Russel. This picture was becoming a talk of the town because of the touchy pose. It was a shocking but interesting news for fans. 

Timothee Chalamet Girlfriend

Later on, fans started sharing their opinions in the comment section of the post related to the picture. Some of them were quite mean but some of them were congratulating. 

But after a very limited span of time, it sounds that both of them started maintaining some distance between them. However, after the recent news fans concluded that its over for Russel and Chalamet as Timmy find his lovey dovy in someone else.

Timothee chalamet Relationships: Kylie Jenner

It is very common to see Kardashian and Jenner’s clan under the spotlights. Toxic fans says that these cheap girls can do anything to be under the clips and pics of media. Recently, it was said by Kylie that her ex-boyfriend as well as father of her two kids, Travis Scott was cheating on her and just after a few days, it was seen that Kylie’s car was parked outside Timmy’s house. Yet, it is not confirmed by anyone but the rumours sometimes work as Headlines.

Fans are saying that the two are dating each other and spending their quality time together, but nothing has been confirmed yet so we cant say anything for the same.