Top 10 interesting facts about AR Rahman

Some lesser known facts about AR Rahman

  • Rahman was born as a Hindu and was originally called Dileep Kumar
  • he embraced Islam after his fatally ill younger sister was cured by a Sufi saint Karimullah Shah Kadri. Dileep Kumar then becamer Allah Rakha Rahman.
  • Rahman wanted to become a computer engineer. He Says ‘the computer engineering world’s loss is the music world’s gain.’
  • AR Rahman might be the country’s best musician but he didn’t complete his schooling. Rahman was asked to leave school because of poor attendance at the age of 15.
  • His first salary was Rs. 50 earned for operating a record player.
  • Rahman does not celebrate his birthday in a grandeur way. He offers early morning prayers and visits the orphanage to celebrate his birthday peacefully.
  • A street in Markham, Ontario, Canada, has been named in his honour in November 2013.
  • Rahman’s wife Saira was first seen by his mother at a Sufi Darga. When Rahman asked Saira if she would like to marry him, she remained quiet. Later, Rahman realised that she is usually quiet by nature.
  • Rahman and his son, Ameen share the same birth date, that is 6th January!
  • Rahman has three kids, two daughters and a son namely Ameen Khatija and Rahima.
  • In the Limca Book of Records 2007, Rahman holds “Indian of the Year for Contribution to Popular Music” Award.
  • The Oscar winning song “Jai Ho” was initially composed for the Salman Khan starrer- Yuvraaj!
  • In 2012, Rahman revealed that he had received a Christmas card from the family of the President of the United States and dinner invitation at the White House.
  • AR Rahman likes listening to songs based on the raaga Sindhu Bhairavi.
  • Rahman is the only Indian to be featured in ‘List of best-selling music artists of the world’.

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