Most interesting facts about Jennifer Aniston

interesting facts about Jennifer Aniston

Some lesser known facts about Jennifer Aniston

  • Jennifer’s parents were preventing her from pursuing a career in acting. Her dad didn’t want her to feel the rejection that came along with it and urged her to become a lawyer.
  • Jennifer admitted that their discouragement made her want to become an actress even more.
  • Jennifer admitted to People that she actually went through a goth phase in high school, and tried to be “the most rebelliously unattractive”.
  • She admitted to InStyle that she was bullied throughout school and was “one of the kids others decided to make fun of”. P.She was also good friends with Cher’s son, Chaz Bono, and the two are pictured here, just hanging out!
  • She is scared of water . the story goes as When Jennifer Aniston was young, she was riding a tricycle around a pool and ended up crashing into the water. She was too scared to let go of the trike, so her brother had to help her out of the water. This caused her to be terrified of being underwater..

Top 10 interesting facts about Jennifer Aniston

  • Jennifer Aniston worked various odd jobs to earn a little money early in her life. She wasn’t nearly as successful at those jobs as she is at acting, admitting to Collider that when she worked as a bike messenger, she actually drove into an open car door.

While the Friends characters seemed to be perfectly cast, directors originally had other ideas about who would play who. They had actually picked Courteney Cox to be Rachel and Jennifer Aniston to play Monica. The two actresses actually wanted to play who they ended up being cast as, so it all worked out in the end.

  • Around the time she was cast as Rachel, she got an offer for Saturday Night Live. She turned it down so she could star on Friends. Both would’ve been huge moves in her career, but we’re glad she picked Rachel.
  • Jennifer revealed in 2015 about her long-term struggle with dyslexia, which made reading difficult for her. Before she was diagnosed, she just thought she wasn’t good at academics since she wasn’t able to retain any of the information. She claimed being diagnosed was a “great discovery” for her.

Along with once being married to Justin Theroux, a few other well-known names have admitted to being infatuated with the Jeniffer , including Jake Gyllenhaal, Cole Sprouse, and John Mayer. 

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