Mammootty’s The Priest interesting facts

Debutant director Jofin. T. Chacko does justice to script with Mammootty’s star power . In The Priest, Jofin. T. Chacko has the task of managing a balance of star power and content and rightfully does justice in letting the content take precedence over the star.

The Priest movie story involves Father Carmen Benedict (Mammooty), who spends more time on criminal investigation than on priestly duties. Father is investigating a series of suicides in the Alatt family, which he suspects to be murders. During the investigation, he meets young Ameya Gabriel (Baby Monica), who seems to have a few mysteries of her own.

The Priest first half is focused on a series of deaths in the family. In fact, the first half could even work as a stand-alone movie. Second half takes off from there on a different path , which has nothing much to do with the initial investigation. The one element of surprise the makers kept in store for the interval might not be a surprise at all, for those who have paid enough attention all along.

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in the second half horror elements kick in, the script is on track initially,But before long things end up all over the place, with the audience getting more than a clue on what the mystery is all about. From this point on repetitive sequences for the script to tie up the whole thing officially.

A few sequences at ‘explaining’ what had happened seems to have been put in the film as makers underestimated the intelligence of the audience. The tone and mood of the whole film is a slightly loud and uneven at various points, but it is still a notch better than some of the horror flicks in Malayalam.

Mammootty the star, takes a back-seat most of the times, letting the investigator priest take over, except for a few made for fan scenes, which is a welcome shift from many of his recent movies. Manju Warrier’s role is almost a short cameo, while Baby Monica steals the show as Ameya. However, some of the rather violent sequences involving the child could be hard viewing for other kids and even adults.

Repetitive sequences leaves a bad taste in an interesting story

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