Mohanlal Drishyam 2 interesting facts

Script of the sequel Drishyam 2 took almost 5 years to be finalised .

Drishyam inspired remake in all major Indian languages and was also remade in Chinese as Sheep Without a Shepherd, which was a commercial and critical hit.

drishyam 2

The main lead of the film MOhanlal in a career spanning over four decades and 340-plus movies, he has given us so many memorable characters and cinematic moments

Mohalal says “I trust my directors, my scriptwriters and my colleagues and my fans. It is a blessing to be in this magic for the last 43 years. I think the kind of movies I do and the kind of directors I work with should be the secret of my success,”

Georgekutty the character of Drishyam was difficult for Mohanlal and he says “Because it is hard to say what’s going on in his (Georgekutty) mind. He doesn’t show any emotions. He suppresses them,” explained Mohanlal.

The only trait of Georgekutty that Mohanlal could truly connect with and perhaps which informs his performance in the movie is the character’s willingness to go great lengths to protect his family. “It is every man’s right,” he remarked.

Mohalal added that “We had been planning to do Drishyam 2 (for a long time). It was in my mind, Antony Perumbavoor’s mind, and Jeethu’s mind. And suddenly it happened. When Drishyam 2 started rolling, we were all prepared. We weren’t sure when this film would happen. But, it had to happen. Georgekutty and his family should be remembered by the audience. Because it was such a cult film. Thanks to Jeethu for bringing out such an intelligent film,” Mohanlal concluded.