Interesting facts about Tiger shroff

Most interesting facts about Tiger shroff

  • Tiger Shroff’s real name is Jai Hemant Shroff, Tiger is the name given by his father. Jackie said he named Tiger so because he would bite like one when he was small.

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  • Tiger is incredibly talented. He possesses excellent skills in martial arts, gymnastics and dance. Tiger is one up against all the new comers in Bollywood at the moment.

  • Fair skin, light eyes, chiselled body and a dream dancer. What else could Tiger ask for. Well one thing he wants is a few inches extra. The 25-year-old has only one regret is that he is not as tall as his daddy.
  • There are no prizes for guessing that Tiger idolises Bruce Lee and Michael Jackson. But what’s not known is that among desi icons, the Heropanti finds only Aamir Khan worth hero-worshipping. He says, “Aamir is not only the best actor in the industry but he is one of the best human beings too. The mammoth star that he is he is humble. I wish even if I get 50pc of the stardom he has, i have 100 pc of his simplicity and humanity.”

Tiger helped Aamir Khan during his gym workout sessions for his role in Dhoom 3.

Aamir was so impressed by Tiger that he wanted to launch him in Bollywood. But since that didn’t work out, Aamir released the trailer of Heropanti.

Tiger Shroff went through rigorous martial arts and gymnastics training regime for 3 years before actual launch of Heropanti. The training included back layout, front pike, 360-degree backward twist, wall flips, and leaps.

Tiger Shroff’s closest friend is Bollywood Actress -Shraddha Kapoor. And no their friendship didn’t simply start after starring in a film or anything, both of them have been best friends ever since they were kids

The actor trained under Ziley Mawai, a national level gymnast from Haryana for close to three years. His training involved back layout, front pike, 360 degree-backward twist, wall flips and leaps.

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