Top 10 interesting facts about Varun Dhawan

Some lesser known facts about Varun Dhawan

  • Varun was a very naughty child. Father David and Mom Lali Dhawan had a tough time disciplining him.
  • Varun’s elder brother Rohit always wanted to be a director while Varun was adamant on being an actor.They are as inseparable in real life as Ram and Lakhman.
  • Papa David Dhawan refused to launch Varun in a home production. ‘I wanted him to go out there and find his bearings,’ said David.
  • Varun Dhawan recently got married in 2021 with his friend Natasha Dalal.
  • Karan Johar took it on himself to launch Varun.
  • In his debut film ‘The Student Of The Year’ (SOTY) Varun essentially played himself: a spoilt rich kid who likes to get everything he wants.
  • During the shooting of SOTY David Dhawan didn’t visit his son even once on the sets, nor did he see a single frame of his son’s work before release.

  • Varun’s second film ‘Main Tera Hero’ was Papa David Dhawan’s tribute to his favourite actor Govinda.
  • Varun is a huge Govinda fan.
  • Varun had requested Govinda to watch ‘Main Tera Hero’. He requested Govinda to watch ‘Badlapur’.
  • During the shooting of ‘Badlapur’ Varun changed his entire lifestyle. He stopped partying and hanging out friends.
  • He began to enjoy his isolation so much that his mother had to call up Varun’s friends to find out what is wrong.
  • To get into the role of a grieving husband and father Varun depended on Sriram Raghavan’s description of what the director went through when he lost his father.
  • Varun recounted his sense of unstoppable pain when he almost lost his father in Bangkok during the shooting of ‘Main Tera Hero’.
  • Varun’s character is named Raghav in ‘Badlapur ‘, after Raman Raghav the serial killer on whom Sriram Raghavan had made a documentary before he turned a feature maker. And in case you haven’t noticed the director is also named Raghav(an).

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