Top 10 tamil movies of Kollywood of 2019

With 2020 ending in lockdown and few movies released this year ,lets try to find which movies were best in 2019 ? We saw heroines getting roles of substance in big-star movies in 2019. there’s no defining, overarching trend – and that the mix of movies below indicates that Tamil cinema found space for much needed variety



Director: Ram

Ram directorial  Peranbu is his quiet,gentle film. This film is about a moving drama about a father (Mammootty) whose life revolves around a daughter (Sadhana) with cerebral palsy.

The first half of Peranbu is set in the middle of Nature. In the second half, the film moves away from this garden to the city. Paradise is truly lost — and the filmmaking conveys this beautifully.

Ram’s films have always displayed love for his protagonists. In Peranbu, we sense much love for the medium, too.

Super Deluxe

Director: Thiagarajan Kumararaja

Top 15 Tamil films of 2019 super deluxe

 Thiagarajan Kumararaja’s second film and it is mind-blown . tthis is the year’s most dazzling film as it is unique, ambitious, insanely detailed and blessedly amoral. It’s both epic and intimate.

It’s a long, slow pattern that keeps you on edge about when it will explode, and when it does, it’s a big bang. The film has the year’s best craft, and Vijay Sethupathi’s trans-woman act is one for the ages.


Director: Nelson Venkatesan

This movie is live-action cartoon about a man who battles a rat. SJ Surya was born to play this part. His cartoony rigidity, his fondness for jerky movements, his exaggerated expressions — everything fits.

.A micro-mini set piece involving a gas cylinder, an umbrella and a ridiculously expensive sofa is staged like a dream.

The film is a combination of verbal and situational comedy, and at a time when so much of our “humour” is so mean-spirited, Monster is a lovely reminder of how gently (and generously) smiles can be evoked.

 To Let

Director: R Chezhiyan

R Chezhiyan’s is earnest in portrayal of family’s struggle to find a rented house. This film is as real a movie can be  as you can get. Ilango (Santhosh Sreeram) and Amudha (Sheela Rajkumar) are a lived-in couple, convincingly frayed around the edges. She loves her husband but she is frustrated..

ups and downs keep colouring their relationship throughout the plot . Chezhiyan puts his premise in his own way which you relate with . The emotions of each character look so real that you feel their struggle ,the struggle of life ,thats its beauty. Life goes on. 

House Owner

Director: Lakshmy Ramakrishnan

Top 15 Tamil Films in 2019 House Owner

Lakshmy Ramakrishnan continues her quest to tell strong (and strongly written) stories about women. This time, we have middle-aged Radha (a superb Sriranjani), who cares for a husband Vasudevan (‘Aadulakam’ Kishore) with Alzheimer’s. 

The narrative keeps cross-cutting between the younger and older versions of this couple — and it’s a superb conceit. Instead of wallowing in misery with the present-day Radha and Vasudevan, trapped in the 2015 Chennai floods, we reflect on their current plight through moments from the past. House Owner may be the most intimate movie ever made about a calamity. It’s an ode to love, a reminder to cherish what we have when we have it. 


Director: Magizh Thirumeni

Magizh Thirumeni renews the hot recipe of Indian Cinema ie the double role. Arun Vijay plays Kavin and Ezhil — but there’s no good/evil demarcation.

Neither pf them are exactly moral but they’re both treated sympathetically. And both end up suspects after a murder! As viewer you will think you know the puzzle. But wait , the result is a deliciously pulpy whodunit. It does what a film like this should do: it keeps us guessing.

Game Over

Director: Ashwin Saravanan

This movie can be described as serial killer story or A supernatural ‘revenge’ story ? A psychological drama about a suicidal video-game designer (a gritty Taapsee Pannu) who’s afraid of the dark and suffers from a condition called “anniversary reaction”

It is women empowerment ,it is game it is PSTD Syndrome based movie and it has original content.

Instead of cohering into a “logical” (and conventional) story, the abstract jigsaw-pieces of information deepen the guessing game. The biggest USPof the film is that it manages to pack all its conceits into a taut 100-something minutes.

Suttu Pidikka Utharavu

Director: Ramprakash Rayappa

Top 15 Tamil Films in 2019 Suttu Pidikka Utharavu

IT IS a solid little thriller, which opens with a bank robbery and keeps building — single-mindedly — towards a solid twist.

Excellent shooting location and the narration of the film,it keeps you interested, invested . Ibrahim the character works marvellously for this cop character . We need an Ibrahim to right the balance.

KD Engira Karuppudurai

Director: Madhumitha

Top 15 Tamil Films in 2019 KD Engira Karuppudurai

There is this custom called thalaikoothal, a kind of euthanasia for the aged arranged by the family. writer-director Madhumitha has accomplished with impressive restraint, aided by the crackling chemistry between the old man and a young orphan (Naga Vishal).

KD is the kind of movie you wish we got more often: serious enough to be about something, yet not taking itself too seriously. It’s the reverse of the cycle of existence. It begins with death and ends up filled with life.

Irandam Ulagaporin Kadaisi Gundu

Director: Athiyan Athirai

Top 15 Tamil Films in 2019 Irandaam Ulagapporin Kadaisi Gundu

This film is about caste. It’s about “landless” migrant labourers. It’s about a crusade. It’s about all the things you expect in a Pa. Ranjith production.

It loooks like a road movie, messge movie ,sometimes it thrills ,sometimes it is romantic. part regular comedy part surreal social tract — all combined together in a blazing stream-of-consciousness style by writer-director Athiyan Athirai.

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