Top 5 Best malayalam films to watch online in 2020

Below list has Malayalam films that were underdogs but made lot of sense to a movie buff. So watch these 5 movies when you are light because the these are beautiful stories which are wiered but intense. And the best part is, they are all streaming online.

Varnyathil Aashanka (MX Player):

In a village in central Kerala live four thieves with their own distinctive brand of wieredness. they attempt to rob a local jewellery shop, they are joined by another fascinating character, Dayanandan. He is a slacker who keeps getting short shrift from his wife but eventually turns out to be the craftiest of the lot.

Directed by Sidharth Bharathan and written by Thrissur Gopalji, it has the element of surprise, humour ,well timed thrills that keep us excitedly invested in this heist thriller. Greatly supported by some great performances from Suraj Venjaramoodu, Kunchacko Boban and Shine Tom Chacko. It’s unfortunate that the film never got the audience it deserved.

Lukka Chuppi (MX Player):

 a college reunion after 14 years brings together six friends at a quaint resort where they let their hair down, reviving days of yore, friendship, and love. While their spouses get accustomed to their partners’ friends, the friends are going deeper into their own lives as there are unresolved issues between them.

The narrative gradually allows us to warm up to the characters and their complexities. Raghuram (Jayasurya) is in the middle of a marital discord; Sidharth (Murali Gopy) who still has not gotten over his college sweetheart; Rafeek (Joju George) who is kept on a tight leash by his wife; Felix, a priest; Radhika the college heartthrob; and Benny, who drives a rickshaw. A great debut by Bash Mohammed (written by Gafoor Arackkal) that never got its due. Perhaps the cheesy title proved to be a deterrent.

Artist (Amazon Prime Video):

This movie is based on Paritosh Uttam’s novel Dreams in Prussian Blue, Shyamaprasad narrates the story around two art students, Michael and Gayathri, who fall in love and decide to live together against their parents wishes.

But an accident robs Michael of his eyesight and then Gayathri is left to fend for both of them. When the pressure of shouldering all the responsibilities falls on her, she finds herself lying to please Michael. The deceit soon finds its due course, ending the love story. With great performances from Ann Augustine and Fahadh Faasil, this one is a must watch.

Vedivazhipadu (MX Player)

Attukal Pongala, an annual 10-day festival where women devotees gather in Thiruvananthapuram to offer prasadam to the Goddess, turns out to be the background for this rare sex comedy in Malayalam cinema . three men decide to hire a sex worker and indulge in their fantasies as their wives were busy.

Each man has his own backstories and intricacies. Rahul (Murali Gopy) seems to have a happy marriage with wife Radhika, a homemaker; Pradeep (Sreejith Ravi) is insecure about his sophisticated partner and fantasizes about Radhika; and Sanjay feels inadequate around his successful journalist wife.

The debut directorial of Shambu Purushothaman, the film cleaves open the moral hypocrisy, chauvinism, and ego of the male psyche and how it plays out in marriages. The laughs are few and far between (less verbal humour) but an audacious and intriguing attempt nevertheless.

Arike (Amazon Prime Video):

Shyamaprasad adapts a short story by Sunil Gangopadhyay about Shantanu and Kalpana, who are madly in love with each other.

their friend Anuradha who plays the cupid in their lives. Kalpana is flighty, the only child of a rich businessman, and seems to be in love with the idea of love, a fact which is revealed when she changes her mind as the next suitor comes.

But Kalpana means the world to the orphaned Shantanu. It’s an interesting narrative around the intricacies of love and relationships, with some fine performances. Maybe the starkness of the narrative failed to connect with a wider audience.

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