Trey Lance girlfriend (March, 2023): Dating History, Ex-Girlfriend, Relationships, Wife

Trey Lance’s girlfriend: Brynn Chandler

Brynn Chandler, girlfriend of football quarterback Trey Lance, is frequently in attendance at his games. Lance, who was drafted third overall in the 2021 NFL draft by the San Francisco 49ers, is expected to become the team’s franchise quarterback.

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Despite currently sitting behind Jimmy Garoppolo on the depth chart, Lance managed to participate in six games during his rookie season.

Trey Lance Dating History

Chandler and Lance have been open about their relationship from the start, with Chandler actively showing support for her boyfriend on social media. If you’re curious about Trey Lance’s girlfriend, Brynn Chandler, here’s everything you need to know.

Trey Lance Dating History

The situation surrounding Trey Lance’s romantic life is quite unusual. Initially, he was rumored to be in a relationship with Liv Cowherd, who is the daughter of FOX Sports host Colin Cowherd.

Trey Lance’s girlfriend: Brynn Chandler

However, this rumor was dispelled completely in July of 2021 when Lance and Brynn Chandler started appearing on social media together. On July 8th of last year, Chandler posted a photo of the couple on her Instagram account, confirming their relationship.

Despite being active on social media, Lance and Chandler have not shared much about their relationship. While Lance was busy getting his start in the NFL with the 49ers this season, Chandler was also occupied with her own pursuits. Although she is a few years younger than Lance, Chandler is currently a student at the University of Georgia where she is pursuing a degree in Communications Studies. In addition to her studies, Chandler is also a standout player on the Bulldogs’ volleyball team.

Brynn Chandler Biography:

Brynn Chandler was born on January 20, 1999, so Brynn Chandler is 23 years old.

Brynn hails from San Diego, California, and is currently in her senior year of college. Her family background is of particular interest to football fans, as her father is Chris Chandler, a former NFL quarterback who played for 17 years. Brynn’s father led the Atlanta Falcons to the Super Bowl in the 1998 season, where they ultimately lost to the Denver Broncos.

But Brynn Chandler’s athletic talent is not limited to her father’s genes alone. Her mother, Diane Brodie, played collegiate tennis at the University of Southern California, and her grandfather, John Brodie, was a quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers from 1957 to 1973.

Brynn started playing volleyball at a young age but only began to focus on the sport seriously in high school. Brynn led two teams to the USA Junior Nationals during her prep career and was awarded Third-Team All-American honors before joining the Bulldogs as a walk-on player in college. Chandler has made the SEC Fall Academic Honor Roll in all three seasons she has spent at the University of Georgia.

Brynn Chandler’s Net worth:

People are not just curious to Who is Trey Lance’s Girlfriend, they are also curious to know Trey Lance’s Girlfriend Net Worth. Trey Lance’s Girlfriend 2022 Brynn Chandler’s net worth is estimated to be around  $10 Million. 

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