Walker Scobell Net Worth (June, 2023): Facts, Earnings, Age, Height, Girlfriend

Walker Scobell Net Worth: $700,000 (approx.)

Walker Scobell net worth is estimated to be around $700,000. This makes him one of the richest child actors in the world.

Walker Scobell Net Worth
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Walker Scobell lives a lavish and comfortable lifestyle in his house just at the age of 13 and this only source of income being his professional career. He has starred in Secret Headquarter in 2022.

Walker Scobell is an incredible child actor and has achieved a major milestone at the age of 13 by starring in the global network of Netfilx which is not only viewed by teenagers but all age groups. He is an inspiration to the young generation who wish to follow their dream.

He is a clear example of anything is possible if you have will and determination. He is signing projects and in the long run of making his career, he is dedicated towards his studies as well. With him pursuing acting in his middle school, Scobell decided to chose this as his full-time career.

He has displayed his tremendous acting skills with the help of various projects listed above.  Walker is a gifted child with incredible qualities. He is not a social media freak and not posted in his any social media handles in a very long time.

His acting is absolutely perfect in every way. His movie Adam’s Project was an example of his exemplary acting showcasing brilliance in scripting delivered with comedic perfection. Young Walker stole managed to steal many scenes from Ryan as difficult that may be.

A time will come when Walker will be the heartthrob of the whole world . talent finds its way through any circumstance. He is a clear example that if you’ve got talent then the world will be at your doorstep making it a better place to live in.

Walker Scobell Biography:

Walker Scobell was born in the California State of United States of America. His birthday is on 6th January, 2009. His debut project was “The Adams Project” which gave his career a start in 2022. Before this enticing project, he worked in many dramas.

Walker Scobell Biography
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He did his schooling from a local school of California. He is 13 years old and holds American nationality. He is a Christian and belongs to a mixed white ethnic background. Capricorn is his zodiac sign.

Walker Scobell Movies Career:

Becoming Hollywood’s newest young teen star, Walker Scobell started fresh starring in ‘The Adam’s Project’, Walker has now bagged a title role in ‘ Percy Jackson’ tv series on Disney+ . Walker Scobell got two major roles just at the age of 13.

The official announcement for Walker starring in highly anticipated Percy Jackson and the Olympian series was made on April, 11. He was offered this role exactly after one month of the release of his first film. Netflix’s star Walker Scobell is now kicking start his career and he’s going to be the household name with the Percy Jackson’s series.

Walker is a huge Deadpool fan and he used to watch Deadpool2 before every audition and repeat the dialogues. He’s comes from a military family and has been a resident of California and Colorado from a very long time. Walker is an incredible 13 year old star who has amazed the audience with his audition tapes of Percy Jackson.

Besides going to several acting camps kicking off a row of dominoes foe walker, which includes getting an agent and manager leading him to Adam’s Project he wastched a lot of Deadpool.

In an interview Reynolds joke about Walker obsession with Deadpool with Reynolds saying “ he knows them verbatim. Literally, I’m not kidding. He even knows the expositional lines that people usually forget.

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Walker is a book lover and has read everything through The Trial of Apollo. He had begun acting and following his dream when he was in elementary school. After, visiting California, he decided to pursue acting as a career.

Walker Scobell Rise in Movies Career:

Walker will star as the titular star in Disney+ action Percy Jackson and Olympian series. The adventure is closely aligned with Disney Hyperion’s best selling book who’s author is Rick Riordan who’s bagged several awards. Percy Jackson’s role was earlier played by Logan Lerman in two movies. These projects will enter production this summer.

Walker Scobell
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Walker Scobell Upcoming Movies:

The Adam’s Project Young Adam (2022)

Secret Headquarters Charlie Kincaid (2022)

Percy Jackson and the Olympian series (2024)

Entertainment Tonight Self (2022)


Walker loved acting and participated in various dramas at school level and performed wonderfully in a middle school play. After his visit to California, he decided to pursue acting as his career and started working on his craft and skills then and there.


He became the breakout star of Adam’s Project in Netflix and is also going to be a part of Olympian adventure series as Percy Jackson.

Adam’s Project in Netflix
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Walker Scobell Achievements

  1. He became a proud recipient to sign a project with Netflix at the age of 13.
  2. Percy Jackson’s role was offered to him (Disney +)

Walker Scobell Interesting Facts:

  1. He is a native of Los Angeles, California
  2. He belongs to a military family with most family members as a part of the squad
  3. He was a part of Mary Poppin’s play
  4. He possess an artistic concept and lovable approach
  5. Walker is more into Superhero movies
  6. His favourite hobby is snowboarding and skateboarding and play parkour in his leisure.
  7. Only at this point, making only one onscreen debut, he has built a huge and supportive fanbase across the world. He currently has 372000 followers on Instagram. This huge fanbase will grow with time as he proceeds further with his career.
  8. He’s very passionate about skateboarding which he usually indulges in during his freetime. A day awaites when he may get a chance to combine his skating skills with acting.
  9. Walker comes from a sophisticated family and seems to share a healthy bond with his parents. Not everyone os fortunate enough to share a loving relationships with their family members.