How to Watch Pei Irukka Bayamen full movie online free

Watch Pei Irukka Bayamen movie online

Pei Irukka Bayamen (No Fear if the Ghost is Here) is a 2021 Tamil language horror comedy film directed by S. Kaarthieswaran and starring S. Kaarthieswaran and Gayatri Rema in the lead roles. Produced by Thilaka Arts. The movie it was released on 1 January 2021

Pei Irukka Bayamen  Cast

S. Kaarthieswaran
Gayatri Rema
M. R. Arjun
Nellai Siva
Kothai Santhanam

The film is shot in and around the Kerala and Tamil Nadu border. Shooting happened in A huge house near Maraiyur.

Where to Watch Pei Irukka Bayamen movie online free

Pei Irukka Bayamen  Release

The film was released in theatres across Tamil Nadu on 1 January 2021. A critic from Times of India called the film “an easily forgettable snooze fest“, adding it had a “lack of an interesting screenplay, thrills and comedy”.

A critic from Republic World noted “most of the scary scenes are unintentionally funny and they can put off the viewer instantly”, adding it “fails in numerous ways”.

How to Watch Pei Irukka Bayamen movie online free

A review from Maalai Malar also suggested that the film lacked thrills. A critic from NewsTodayNet noted “had the script written better, the end product could gave been more engrossing”

Watch the movie in theatres and other OTT platforms which wiill release the movie soon.

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