Kajal Aggarwal Fitness Secrets (February, 2023)

Top 10 Beauty Tips of Kajal Aggarwal

Kajal Aggarwal is a young, and attractive Indian actress with a great figure. Kajal has attractive looks and an great smile which attracts people towards her. A lot of women want to have a glowing and healthy skin like her along with sexy figure. Let’s talk about Kajal’s beauty secrets, fitness regime and her diet plan which can help you to get the glow and figure like hers.

Kajal Aggarwal beauty Tips

Kajal Agarwal prefers to be without makeup whenever it is not necessary as cosmetics dries out the skin and cause breakouts.
Kajal follows daily routine of cleansing, toning and moisturizing her skin.
Kajal loves to go natural and uses natural fruit-based moisturizers to rejuvenate her skin.
She loves using coconut-based products as they penetrates in the skin and hydrates it.
She makes sure to wash her face with an organic face wash.

She applies a dual protection before moving out of house, broad spectrum sunscreen lotion to protect her skin against the sun.
Her secret beauty tip is to apply coconut oil on her face which moisturizes and hydrates the skin.
She uses homemade face packs made by her mother. She applies a mixture of honey, lime juice and yogurt which is her favorite skin cleansing pack.

She also uses crushed almonds for exfoliating her skin once a week.
She makes sure to remove all the traces of her make up before going to bed as the leftover makeup can damage your skin.

Kajal agarwal’s diet plan

Kajal Aggarwal Face and Hair tips:

The secret behind Kajal Aggarwal lovely eyes is that she puts eye drops in them which helps to enhance her eyes. She massages her hair with coconut oil regularly to nourish and strengthen it. Kajal uses a cleanser and conditioner to get shiny and healthy hair. In the last rinse she squeezes a little bit of lemon in the hair to get instant shine.
Kajal selects a shampoo with a high amount of glycerin and are sulfate-free. She uses a conditioner that contains shea butter and coconut oil which gives volume to the hair and makes it healthy.

Kajal prefers not to use shampoo every day because using it more than thrice a week increases hair fall. She daily washes her hair only with a conditioner.
Kajal regularly goes for hair spa treatment to make her hair healthy.
Kajal fights bad hair day with a quick oil massage and hot towel treatment which helps in deep conditioning of hair and makes it shine.
She includes multani mitti in her routine once a day to make her skin glow.

Top 10 Fitness Secrets Kajal Aggarwal

Kajal never goes too hard on herself to enhance her body shape.
Kajal believes in working out perfectly without overdoing it or under-doing it as it can damage her body instead of building it so she never misses any of the workout session.

Kajal agarwal’s fitness secrets

Half an hour of exercise helps Kajal in keeping her mind calm and active.

She does Yoga thrice a week which includes 150 surya namaskars at a stretch in a day and upper body weight training 3 a week. She also indulges into strength training.
Kajal does 45 minutes of cardio on an incline and 1 hour of Artho-Pilates once a week.

Kajal workout plan includes exercises like bridge which is useful for glutes and back muscles, attacks exercise which improves flexibility and tones the thigh muscles, planks for strengthening the abdomen muscles and arms, dip exercise for the chest and hand and back muscles.

Kajal even includes Russian twists to reduce abdomen fats which is effective for abdominal muscles.

She includes free hand exercises to tone her upper body and arms.
Kajal swims regularly to keep her body in shape.
She enjoys dancing which helps her to burn calories and maintain her figure.
She takes proper amount of sleep so her body feels fresh, healthy and active in the morning.

Kajal Aggarwal’s diet plan:

She drinks at least 2 liters of water to hydrate her skin, give a refreshing look and make it healthy.
Kajal does not believe in a fad diet.
She believes in eating healthy food in small proportions. She takes 7 meals in a day and strictly follows a vegetarian diet.
She starts her day with a drink which is a mixture of green tea, avocado, baby spinach, celery, mint and honey which helps to get a healthy, glowing skin.

Kajal Aggarwal’s Morning diet

In the morning, post workout she drinks a healthy smoothie made up of coconut water, chia seeds, acai berry, strawberry and vanilla.
For breakfast, she eats oats, brown bread with peanut butter and egg whites which she now replaces with soya which helps to kick start her day.

Kajal Aggarwal’s Dinner diet

In her lunch, she eats green salad, fruits, brown rice and legumes.
She prefers to drink fresh fruit juice in the evening. For dinner, she loves to have veg soup with crunchy aloo chops and green salad.
She loves McDonalds Burger for which she occasionally skips her meal routine.
She adds yogurt to her diet which helps to keep her body fit.

She also includes pulses, quinoa, rajgira and buckwheat instead of maida, rice or wheat.
She sips on coconut water throughout the day which helps to flush the toxins out of the body.
She prefers to have green tea.

KAJAL AGGARWAL is a huge fan of vitamin C. Her fruit bowl contains lemons, oranges and other citrus fruits.
she always carries a mini kitchen with her On shoot days. She doesn’t like hotel food and prefers to eat homemade food cooked by her mother. She loves to eat mangoes in summer.She avoids milk products, white rice, processed food, packed food, junk food, fried food and replaces sweet intake with dates.

She has 2 cheat days in a week when she eats her favorite food that includes pizza, paratha, dosa, idly, hyderabadi biryani and chocolate cake but she does extra work out on the next day to burn the extra calories from her body.

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