Shah Rukh Khan fee for an Instagram post (June, 2023)

Shah Rukh Khan fee:

Shah Rukh Khan’s stardom is beyond movies and endorsements, King Khan is a brand name himself. Starting from almost nowhere , SRK is undoubtedly one of the most popular celebrities across the globe. His popularity is over to his Instagram profile too, which is home to his achievements, projects, random experiments during the lockdown, birthday wishes for peers and wishes to his fans for all Indian festivities.

With doctorates from Universities in India and international frontiers like Australia and London, and a wax statue at Madame Tussauds, one doesn’t need much to understand his international status. As far as his movies go, his films also receive great box office collections in the Gulf and even parts of America and England. However, movies aren’t the only contributing factor to Shah Rukh Khan’s earning. He has a production house, a couple of other businesses and a decent monetising fee for paid posts on Instagram.

What is Shah Rukh Khan fee for an Instagram post?

Shah Rukh Khan’s Instagram profile is a direct route into his personal life, movies, travel and, basically, everything the actor is passionate about.This is also a platform for brands to promote their products to SRK’s impressive 22.4 million follower base. Often, the paid promotions are for brands that SRK also endorses, Airbnb and Big Basket are a couple of examples. While these might be part of an all-inclusive deal for SRK’s services for TVCs and print material, just a paid promotion on his Instagram comes at a steep price. According to Filmfare.,Even though he’s not among one of the highest-paid influencers, Shah Rukh Khan’s charges for a single Instagram post stand at Rs 80 lakh to 1 crore.

Whether any other brand makes the cut or not, Shah Rukh Khan is mostly seen promoting Apple products in his very own influencer style.